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She’s been rejected and betrayed.
He sacrificed all to seek revenge.
Can they find they trust God as time runs out?

Alta California 1830’s
Yoana Armenta knows she is doomed to a miserable existence after her betrothal is broken. But when her reckless behavior results in her and her Tía being captured by bandoleros, Yoana fears her impulsive nature may cause irreparable disaster.

Amado Castro gave a death bed promise that he intends to keep – at all costs. When that means endangering Yoana’s life, he struggles with the decision to honor his word, or to protect Yoana, whom he has come to care for more than he could have imagined.

Now as the women face a fate worse than death, Amado and Yoana both have choices to make. Will they each be willing to surrender self, and trust God, even if that means the worst could happen?

Brides of Arizona

Brides of Arizona

Travel back in time to the Arizona desert of the 1870s when a little fort protected settlers from raiders and a small town called Tucson was just starting to flourish. Meet three strong young women—Glorianna, the pampered army captain’s daughter. . .Kathleen, a wrongly accused thief. . .and Lavette, the ex-slave—who came to the area under protest and who struggle to make faith, hope, and love blossom under the blazing sun. Follow them in their journey of faith. Can they learn to love the land, its Creator, and the men who tamed the wild?


Painted Desert

A 3-in-1 edition of the Arizona Brides Series (Includes An Ostrich A Day, Picture Imperfect, and Picture This)

Love Paints a New Day of Promise

As modern life takes unexpected turns, love comes knocking on the doors of three Arizona women’s lives. City girl Blaire Mackenzie has inherited her uncle’s ostrich ranch, but how can she keep it when everyone, including the handsome manager, thinks she’s incompetent? Even as she starts to enjoy the ranch—and Burke Dunham—can she really find contentment there?

Jazmyn Rondell’s brother takes her on a hiking trip where her path crosses that of a secretive trail guide. Thor Larsen has retreated from the spotlight and locked his emotions away. Can Jazmyn and Thor work together to clear the past?

Maddy Henry reluctantly agrees to help her friend’s brother on a nature photo assignment. Jason Rondell has long been attracted to Maddy, but he was left at the altar once. Will burns from past loves keep these two forever apart?

As each couple allows faith to rework their futures, will love bring healing and paint new days full of promise for each woman?


An Ostrich A Day

When she learns that her uncle, Ike, left her a ranch in his will, Blaire Mackenzie travels to Arizona, only to find, to her horror, that the ranch is populated by ostriches, not cows. And, despite her determination to make a good impression on the staff, Blaire can’t seem to do anything right. From falling on her face to having her hair pulled by the ostriches, she gives everyone reason to laugh.

Ranch manager, Burke Dunham, finds himself laughing with Blaire one minute and fuming at her the next. He struggles with anger whenever Blaire mentions selling the ranch and moving back to the city. Burke knows how much effort Ike put into building his dream–and wonders why any man would trust that work to a woman.

In spite of her rough start, Blaire begins to enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert, and Burke finds himself learning to trust her. Can Blaire find contentment on an ostrich ranch? Can she put a bad relationship behind her and accept her growing love for Burke? Will Burke overcome his past and give his pain to God?


Picture Imperfect

Jazmyn Rondell has grown up in the shadow of fear. And despite recently giving her heart to Jesus, she finds it hard to trust Him. Her twin brother, Jason, seems determined to bring her out of her shell, but his methods leave much to be desired.

Thor Larsen has had his share of deceit. Owning a large, successful company has brought him much unwanted attention from ill-intentioned women. Now, his secret is safe, and he lives as a simple backwoods guide. His heart is as remote as the untamed wilderness he loves. But when their paths cross, both Jazmyn and Thor must come to terms with their past, in order to allow the Lord to work in their future.


Picture This

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Maddy is not looking for love… Especially with her best friend’s brother. But when circumstances keep throwing them together, Maddy Henry has trouble controlling her heart. Her life has transformed since becoming a Christian, but will the lifestyle choices of her past ruin her chances for a relationship in the future?

Jason Rondell cannot erase Maddy from his memory. The magnetic pull of their mutual attraction becomes harder to resist when Maddy joins him on a photography assignment in the wild deserts of Arizona.

But Jason has already been burned at the altar once, and he isn’t ready to risk his heart again. Will the obstacles of the past and present prevent these two hearts from joining together forever?



A 4-in-1 edition of the Tucson Series (Includes Sonoran Sunrise, Sonoran Star, Sonoran Sweetheart and Sonoran Secret)

Travel back in time to the 1870s when a small fort protected settlers of the Arizona desert – and a small town called Tucson was beginning to flourish. Meet the women who made faith, hope, and love blossom under the blazing sun.

Glorianna, a pampered army captain’s daughter, comes to Camp MacDowell reeling from the loss of her mother – and demanding that her father return her to the East. Can Lieutenant Conlon Sullivan tame this wild filly?

Kathleen is wrongly accused of a crime the moment she steps from the stagecoach. Will Deputy Quinn Kirby see through a veil of distrust to glimpse the innocent woman with inner beauty?

Lavette wears her bitterness like a yoke – one that hinders a fresh start in a new place. Can Josiah, the giant blacksmith, gently convince her to forget the past and embrace forgiveness?

Chiquita was bartered away in marriage as settlement for her father’s sizable debt. How will Eduardo Villegas react when he realizes she’s not what he expected? Follow the fascinating life journeys of four pioneering women.

Can they learn to love the land, its Creator, and the men who tame the wild desert?

Sonoran Sunrise by Author Nancy Farrier

Sonoran Sunrise

Glorianna Wilton’s mother has died and now Glorianna is being forced to join her father at his Arizona army post. Leaving the comforts of a big eastern city–not to mention her only hope for marriage–has left Glorianna livid.

Lieutenant Conlon Sullivan believes his prayers for a suitable wife have been answered when fiesty Glory arrives at the fort. Her attempts to hold him at bay and assure him of her quick return to the East only serve to increase the ardor of his pursuit.

Can Glorianna find beauty in the Arizona wasteland? If she is willing to accept Conlon’s love and faith, will a conniving female and a drunken outlaw only serve to steal the joy she has gained?

Sonoran Star by Author Nancy Farrier

Sonoran Star

All her life, Kathleen O’Connor’s flaw has isolated her. Even her mother is ashamed of her, and Kathleen fades to the background, quietly nurturing her devotion to God. Still, she longs for a husband and children.

When Deputy Quinn Kirby makes a slight miscalculation, he quickly recovers from his embarrassment and determines to make the best of the situation. He recognizes this veiled woman’s beauty, and he’s more than ready to stake his claim. The only problem is, she won’t have him. Stunned by the fact that a handsome man is showing an interest, Kathleen sets aside the desire of her heart, feeling that what she wants is wrong.

Will God work a miracle to bring these two hearts together?

Sonoran Sweetheart by Author Nancy Farrier

Sonoran Sweetheart

Having worn the yoke of slavery, Lavette Johnson knows bitterness. Even now, she is bound by a commitment that limits her freedom. Resentment over what she has lost has robbed her of any spiritual peace. Though blacksmith Josiah Washington knows the goodness of God’s grace, he still longs for a wife.

When he sees Lavette, Josiah is convinced that God has answered his prayers. Sensing a sweetness beneath Lavette’s anguish and fear, Josiah hopes to gently woo Lavette’s heart and serve as the Holy Spirit’s tool to lead her to God.

Just when victory seems within reach, circumstances deal Josiah a crushing blow. How will he handle his disappointment? Can Lavette’s wounded heart be healed? Will the Lord allow these two to experience the sweetness of salvation and love?

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